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2010 NACEA Annual Conference

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
in the 2010s and Beyond

NACEA's first Annual Conference was a rousing success, with more than 200 people crowding into the plush Hilton conference rooms to listen to a renowned group of experienced panelists and distinguished speakers, and later filling the elegant banquet room for a good meal and more socializing and networking.

The first round of sessions were for Finance Your Business & Start-ups: Where Is the Money? and Legal, Financial & Accounting Management of Your Business", and the final two sessions were for Entrepreneurship: Biotech & Sustainability in 2010s & Beyond and Government Funding & Contracting Opportunities.

After a series of presentations by speakers, each session ended with 40-45 minutes of panel discussion, with a final 30 minutes allocated towards socializing and networking. As can be seen from the pictures of the event, and as is usual in most NACEA meetings, networking and ad hoc discussions were common and frenzied, and fully encouraged by the moderators and organization. Mr. Weidong Zhang gave a speech to Chinese speakers after the Entrepreneurship session as well.

The banquet that night also catered to a full crowd, with around 100 people filling the elegant banquet room for a chicken and steak dinner. It started with a Welcome Address by Ms. May Li, NACEA's Chairman and Founder, who also introduced Mr. Yong Guo, who is the new NACEA President. It was followed by a speech by Assemblyman Chivukula, who educated people about Clean Energy and Sustainability Legislation in the US and in the State of New Jersey. Finally, Mr.Li Shanquan from Wall Street gave a speech and took questions from the crowd.

The banquet ended with Mr. Yong Guo and Ms. Li Shao handing out raffle gifts to some of the lucky audience members whose business cards were picked from a box.

In addition to the high quality speeches, the active participation of hundreds of highly motivated entrepreneurs and professionals in the audience was another highlight of this conference. The audiences was very active in asking questions and interacting with each other and with the speakers. Feedback from the participants included: "Impressive", "Eye-opening", "Great event bridging funding opportunities to entrepreneurs" and many more. Both speakers and audience felt that it was too short, and many entrepreneurs joined NACEA right there onsite as formal members.

Just from the pictures, one could tell how attentive the audience was. Why? Because this event demonstrated that NACEA has built an effective and strong platform to 360 serve entrepreneurs and to help the government funding agencies /business service providers in the following ways:

  • Helping entrepreneurs in fund raising: NACEA brought eye-opening opportunities for entrepreneurs, who started to hear many government funding sources which they never thought of possible. Such funding may save start-up companies from discontinuing their businesses in the current difficult economy. This represents NACEA's tremendous contribution to the community, especially in the aftermath of the financial crisis, when looking for funding is nearly a mission-impossible.

  • Helping entrepreneurs in getting one-stop shop services: One of NACEA's most consistent efforts since its inception is to connect all entrepreneurs to all available good business service providers. Through competition among business service providers on our stage, members can identify the best available providers for their needs, and immediately talk to them to make an appointment. It is quick, effective and efficient.

  • Helping Government: This conference also represented NACEA's pivotal role as a liaison between entrepreneurs and government agencies that want to support small businesses but have limited resources to spread funding news to every corner of the community. NACEA's events greatly help government to reinforce its image of being a great supporter of local businesses, instead of the traditional public impression of the government's role as just being a tax collector.

  • Helping business service providers: By providing a stage for good business service providers to present themselves and their services to the community in this annual conference, NACEA continues act as a bridge between them and potential clients.

All NACEA work are contributed by unpaid, volunteer based NACEA officers! We would like to extend special thanks to NACEA volunteer officers for their contributions to make each NACEA event a success.

Thank you also to the following supporting organizations:

In addition to the NACEA Organizing Committe, thank you to:

  • Li Qing
  • Jimmy Zeng
  • Shao Li
  • Jerry Diao
  • Joy Yong

Thank you also to all our sponsors:

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Due to non-profit feature and limited funding resource which limited NACEA's huge potential, we sincerely hope that sponsors can continue to support NACEA in a yearly base. New sponsors, including companies, government departments, service providers or any other sources, are very welcome to contribute to us with a Tax deduction receipt from us. We can build a mutually benefiting cooperation between you and NACEA in order to contribute together to the community and build a bright future for the next generation, too.

People with good organization skills are welcome to join us as volunteer officers.

If you are a dedicated entrepreneur or entrepreneur-to-be, or a sincere support of NACEA efforts, please join us as formal members.


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