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2011 NACEA Annual Conference

Innovation Oriented Opportunities for US-China Entrepreneurs & Scientists

The North-American Chinese Entrepreneur Association (NACEA) successfully held the 2011 annual conference, titled Innovation Oriented Opportunities for US-China Entrepreneurs & Scientists, on Dec 3, 2011 at NJIT. More than 150 entrepreneurs, professionals and students listened attentively to the high quality speeches that were in four sessions:

  1. Outlook in Global Green Energy, Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries
  2. Venture Capital/Angel Investor Forum
  3. Prospects of IT and E-commerce in the Coming Years
  4. China Forum.

In addition to the high quality speeches, the active participation of many highly motivated entrepreneurs and professionals in the audience was another highlight of this conference. The audiences actively asked questions and talked with each other and with the speakers. The feedback we received was that this event successfully reached NACEA's goal of helping all current and potential entrepreneurs to gain insights, exchange ideas, find partners and opportunities, seek funding, or simply meet new friends on way to their entrepreneurial dreams.

This event not only covered some key areas of industries IT, E-commerce, Green Energy, Biotech and Pharmaceutics, but also demonstrated that NACEA has built an effective and strong platform to serve entrepreneurs in finding investors and getting service providers. Below are key points that highlight the achievements of NACEA in recent years:

  • Connecting entrepreneurs to investors: This has been NACEA's top priority since its inception in 2006. In this conference, we have invited angel investors John Ason, Skyler and others to join the discussions and business plan pitching evaluations in order to coach entrepreneurs and start-up CEOs on how to raise fund. NACEA has created these opportunities for start-ups to meet investors in a no-cost way without paying any high consulting fees that they would otherwise have to pay. The fund raising tips may bring them investors later on and may save start-up companies from the brink of discontinuing their business in the current difficult economy. This represents NACEA's dramatic contributions to the community, especially in the aftermath of the financial crisis where looking for funding is nearly impossible.
  • Providing industrial trend analysis. Industrial leaders shared their thoughts with entrepreneurs in the areas of IT, E-commerce, Green Energy, Biotech and Pharmaceutics. For this conference, some invited speakers have traveled from far off geographical locations Beijing and Shandong Province of China to the US. The opinions from the expert speakers and panelists in the above technological areas will be invaluable to entrepreneurs in making their business and entrepreneurial decisions. NACEA will continue to focus and expand these technology forums in the coming years.
  • Allowing entrepreneurs to get access to one-stop shopping services: For 5 years, NACEA has made an effort to build a good business service providers list, which is very convenient to NACEA members and other entrepreneurs to enjoy high quality services for less fee payments.
  • Helping entrepreneurs access government funding and contracts. Small business funding and government contracts experts have given talks in our conferences and workshops. NACEA will continue to develop and host workshops, online resources, and networking opportunities in this area in the coming years.
  • Helping business service providers: providing a stage for good business service providers such as Merrill Lynch and law firms to speak in the annual conference helps attract customers to these good service providers.

All of the above are provided by NACEA volunteer officers! We would like to extend special thanks to them for making each of NACEA's events a success!

As a non-profit organization, limited funding resources limited NACEA's growth potential. We sincerely hope that sponsors can continue to support NACEA in a yearly base. New sponsors, including companies, government departments, service providers or any other sources, are very welcome to contribute to us with a Tax deduction receipt from us. We can build a mutually benefiting cooperation between you and NACEA in order to serve the community better and build a bright future for the next generation.

People with volunteer spirits are welcome to join us as volunteer officers.

If you are a dedicated entrepreneur or entrepreneur-to-be, or a sincere support of NACEA efforts, please click the link and join us as formal members.


Origin date: April 11, 2007
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