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NACEA Entrepreneurs Mini Seminar
Mini Seminar: Trip to 8 Cities in China - Findings and Initiatives

Information about the Mini-Seminar

Pictures from the Mini-Seminar

On June 28th, 2009, NACEA held its 4th mini-seminar this year at the HSBC branch in Summit. More than 60 people attended the meeting, and for the third consecutive time registration had to closed early because of the high demand and limited seating. NACEA's 10-member delegation, led by May Li, President of NACEA, visited 10 cities in China: Shanghai, Zhenjiang, Changzhou, Yangzhou, Wuxi, Yangzhong, Danyang, Kunshan and Dezhou in mid May. The delegates reported on their fruitful trip, where they made a lot of discoveries and achieved much results. Detailed reports on meetings with government officials and local enterprises were provided with many insights on the reality and needs of today's China. Overall, China is changing and developing rapidly on all aspects, in both hardware and software environments.

The seminar started with May Li's presentation, which gave a very exciting introduction to the trip, with vivid photos taken in different cities. She then gave a detailed description of the government policies of a few cities regarding the introduction of overseas talents, projects and investment, as well as local industrial needs. She also put up some questions for the audience to think about: Are we better than most people in China? What do we have that they don't? Why does China have so many incentives for overseas Chinese now? What is our position and how to engage in entrepreneurship in China, etc. She also offered some thoughts on what NACEA can do to build a solid bridge for the members who may want to do something in China, such as establishing a long-term relationship on behalf of NACEA with some Chinese cities; understanding the local industrial structure and needs, especially in the areas of new material, new energy, pharm/biotech, advanced manufacturing and precision machinery; where, what and how entrepreneurship with innovative projects can fill unmet needs; and also the Chinese government and enterprise's expectations about oversea Chinese.

The second presenter, Mr. Ping Hou, told the audience his observations on the rapid changes in many aspects of Chinese industries and the key issues on how to successfully set up a business in China. What is our advantage and where are the opportunities. How to set up strategy partnerships between NACEA and Chinese cities, etc.

The active participation of a whole bunch of highly motivated entrepreneurs and professionals was another highlight of this mini-seminar. Heated discussions began on how NACEA can support entrepreneurs in more effective ways. In the end, invitations about entrepreneur activities in Weifang of Shandong, and Shaoxing of Zhejiang were announced, with NACEA organizing another trip to one of these cities in early September.

As usual, the meeting went beyond the planned hours, and the discussion continued into dinner time, where nearly half of the attendees gathered around two big tables, in order to further exchange information and ideas. It was agreed that Chinese entrepreneurs in the local area should form a closer relationship with each other in order to support each other better. For this purpose, over 10 people joined as formal members of NACEA at the meeting.

A big thanks to:

  • Yong Guo (for his role as the chair and organizer of the meeting)
  • Lianghua Zhou
  • Wenyuan Ye
  • Yanqiu Jiang
  • and the rest of the NACEA Executive Officers


Origin date: April 11, 2007
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