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NACEA Entrepreneurs Mini-Seminar/Meeting
Effective Business Plan Writing and First-hand Entrepreneurship Experience

Information about the Mini-Seminar/Monthly Meeting

Pictures from the Mini-Seminar/Monthly Meeting

The mini-seminar was held at the NJIT Enterprise Development Center, which featured modern meeting facilities in a relaxed office environment. More than 60 people listened to the speakers and joined in discussion with the panelists. Afterwards, people congregated in groups and continued to talk enthusiastically, until NACEA officers had to turn off the lights to get people to realize it was time to leave!

Thank you to the following:

Our Speakers:

  • Dahai Guo
  • Yaniv Sneor

Our Panelist Members:

  • Haiping Zhang
  • Qing Liu
  • Wenyuan Ye
  • Ping Hou
  • Dahai Guo


Origin date: April 11, 2007
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