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NACEA Seminar

An Effective Marketing and Growth Strategy for Start-ups
Lean Startup Methodology


Saturday, March 5, 2011

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of NJIT Campus
How to get to NJIT


Weston Lecture Hall 1 - Room 160
New Jersey Institute of Technology(NJIT)
University Heights, NJIT
Newark , NJ 07102-1982

* Find Parking along the street or in the parking lots on campus. If necessary, put a note on your windshield "attending Entrepreneneur Seminar"

How to get to NJIT

*From NYC, take Path train to Newark Penn Station, and change to Newark Light Rail to Warren Street Station. The event is a few blocks away southeast next to Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

* If you have problems regarding traffic directions on the day of the seminar, call 973-349-2009 or 848-248-0430.

Admission Fees

  • $5 for NACEA members and students with ID
  • $10 for early pre-paid registrants
  • $15 for walk-ins

NACEA (North-America Chinese Entrepreneur Association) is pleased to announce the next in our Entrepreneur Series: An Effective Marketing and Growth Strategy for Start-ups - Lean Startup Methodology

This program is a joint effort with NJIT CSSA.

This is an event with Keynote speech on What is Lean Startup methodology, how can it be applied for marketing and growth for startups followed by case study via interview with a successful entrepreneur, and then the panel discussion among successful entrepreneurs, and VC/angel investors.

Do you have a dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur?

Come and learn from other entrepreneurs, network with CEOs and VC/Angel investors.

Who Should Attend

  • Entrepreneurs, startups, small business owners who wish to grow their company more efficiently and rapidly.
  • Entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs-to-be who is seeking funding
  • Professionals who wish to start their own business or have great ideas that he/she thinks will be a success.
  • Anyone who has entrepreneurial spirit and would like to learn what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.


  • Networking (1:00-1:30 pm)
  • Event intro 1:30-2:00PM
  • Keynote & QA on "Overview of Lean Startup methodology" 2:00-3:00PM
  • Interview - Successful Startups using Lean Methodology 3:00-3:45PM
  • Break 3:45-4:00PM
  • CEO/Investor Panel discussion on Lean Startup 4:00-5:00PM
  • Networking 5:00-5:30PM
  • Dinner with panelists 5:45PM~ ( Chinatown Chinese Rrestaurant 218 Harrison Ave, Harrison, NJ 07029 )

Keynote Speaker and Panelist Moderator:

Joe Chin, CEO, SourcePad

Joe is a career Internet entrepreneur and CEO, having successfully founded companies over the past 15 years. Joe is currently the founding CEO of SourcePad, a virtual outsourcing company, prior to SourcePad he was the founding CEO of Guidester (now Searchandise Commerce), the largest ad network for eCommerce sites and product manufacturers. Joe was also the Managing Director of REOL, Internet Analyst at Laidlaw, founder/President of Diadem (a multi-player game company), and founder/principal of JEV (an import/export company).

Joe earned a Master of Science from the University of California at Berkeley and a Bachelor of Science from Columbia University.

Joe's Recent Speaking Engagements:

  • Ultra Light Startups: Financing Lean Startups
  • XP & Agile Meetup: From Agile to Lean: Extending Agile principles via Lean Startup Theory
  • Third Tuesday: Lean Startup Theory: Introduction and Discussion
  • Entrepreneur & Small Business Forum: Bootstrapping: Starting and Running a Business on Minimal Cash
  • Find Co-Founder Event: What is the best way to get started and find a co-founder?

Panelist Bio:

John Ason, Angel Investor

John Ason has been an angel investor for over 15 years specializing in early stage pre-revenue companies. He has made over thirty eclectic investments in the areas of e-commerce, technology, advertising and entertainment. John was at AT&T Bell Labs for over 25 years, first involved in software and technology development, then in marketing and business management of large telecommunications projects overseas. He is a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Technology. He is a guest lecturer at the Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurial Studies at Fairleigh Dickinson and at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. John's hobbies include traveling, golf, GO (oriental game) and mentoring companies.

Some of John's investments are:

  • Xlibris - internet publishing
  • Tucker Toys - toy inventing
  • Bikini - beach culture
  • Centrak - real time location system
  • Fulcrum Gallery - internet posters
  • Calluna Winery - startup winery
  • Livelook - screen sharing
  • Ology - millennial blog aggregator
  • Carbon Nanoprobes - nanotubes

For about half if his investments, John has been the lead angel devoting a significant amount of his time to mentoring the companies. A typical company consists of one or two people in a garage or kitchen with minimal or no revenues. Average investment from the angel network for the first round is $275K. Any low capital industry with high growth potential qualifies with the exception of medical and biotech. As a starting point, John will accept only one page executive level summaries via email (

Edwin A. Goodman, VC, Co-Founder, Milestone Venture Partners

Mr. Goodman co-founded Milestone Venture Partners in 1999. He currently sits on the board of SkillSurvey, Inc. . He supervises MVP IIís investment in Medidata Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: MDSO) and ExpertPlan, Inc.and MVP IIIís investment in M5 Networks and

Prior to founding Milestone, Edwin was with the U.S. office of Hambros, a London-based merchant bank. The Hambros venture team invested in more than 100 companies in a wide variety of businesses, including computer hardware, software, healthcare, retailing, waste disposal and traditional manufacturing businesses. Some of the more visible successes that became public companies or were profitably sold include Allied Waste (NYSE: AW), Corporate Software, Komag (Nasdaq:KOMG), PCA International, Petsmart, Inc (Nasdaq: PETM), RASNA Corporation, Solectron Corporation (NYSE: SLR), Staples (Nasdaq: SPLS), Telematics, and Veeco Instruments (Nasdaq: VECO).

Edwin holds a BA in English literature from Yale College and an MS from Columbia University Business School, and served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve.

Roger Krakoff, VC, Managing Partner at Cloud Capital Partners.

Roger is a deeply knowledgeable VC with expertise in media and media software. Prior to current position with Cloud Capital Partners, he was

  • Venture Partner at Sigma Partner,
  • Partner at JEGI Capital ,
  • Managing Director at Veronis Suhler Stevenson,
  • Vice President - Marketing and Business Development at WebLine Communications,
  • Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategic Marketing at Stream International,
  • SVP Marketing at Duns & Bradstreet
  • Financial Program Admistrator at IBM

Roger obtained his MBA from Harvard University and BA from Tufts University.

Elizabeth Yin: Co-founder of LaunchBit

LaunchBit is an online hub that helps aspiring web entrepreneurs get their first customers without coding. Prior to LaunchBit, Elizabeth built profitable micro web businesses, including Shiny Orb ( and DressMob ( She speaks frequently on customer development and Lean Startup techniques including at events held by Women 2.0, TechStars, and MIT and will be speaking at Web 2.0 Expo 2011. Elizabeth holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford and an MBA from MIT Sloan.

Danny Wen, Co-Founder of Harvest

In 2006, Danny and his co-founder started Harvest (, a web-based application which helps small businesses track billable time and send invoices online. The product was built to help the duo run their growing consulting business. Using bootstrapping principles, the first version of the product was launched in four months. Within a year after launch, Harvest was profitable enough to allow the small team to focus on the product full-time and shutdown the consulting business. Today, Harvest serves thousands of businesses worldwide and helps their customer send and receive payment for over $40M worth of invoices per month. The company has been featured on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Crain's New York Business. Danny holds a BA in Computer Science from Cornell University.

Vineet Sinha, President and CTO of Architexa Vineet Sinha is a coder turned Lean Startup entrepeneur. He is currently the President and CTO of Architexa (, which provides tools for software developers to easily work with large/complex projects. Launched publicly less than 6 months ago, Architexa has already built a list of brand name customers, including Fidelity, Citibank, and VMWare. Vineet is also the Founder of Boston Lean Startup Meetup. Vineet earned his PhD from MIT, where his work was the basis of Architexa. Vineet previously worked for Microsoft, Motorola, and various startups, and has built research prototypes for IBM, Nokia and Accenture.

More to comeÖÖ


Graham Lawlor, Founder, Ultra Light Startups

Graham is the founder of Ultra Light Startups, a networking community for technology entrepreneurs. Graham and is a frequent speaker, blogger, and press source on topics related to "ultralight startups", bootstrapping, and building online businesses. He has been quoted in publications such as BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, and BBC News.

Prior to founding Ultra Light Startups, Graham spent 10 years as an IT project manager at UBS and Deutsche Bank. Graham holds a BS in Philosophy from the University of Illinois and an MA in Economics from New York University.

Please mark your calendar for this very exciting learning and networking event.


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