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NACEA Entrepreneur Series
An Effective Marketing and Growth Strategy for Start-ups Lean Startup Methodology

This event was one of NACEA's Entrepreneur Series and held at NJIT on Saturday, March 5, 2011. More than 100 people showed up and listened attentively to the presentation and interview of successful Start-ups.

The keynote speech was What is Lean Startup methodology, how can it be applied for marketing and growth for startups, by Joe Chin, CEO / Founder of SourcePad. followed by a case study via an interview with a successful entrepreneur, Danny Wen, Co-founder of Harvest. During the interview, he talked about how he and his partner, two young graduates from Cornell University built and launched "Harvest" an internet application product in 4 month, and made it profitable within a year and further grew it into a multi-million dollar company within a few years. The event was concluded with a panel discussion among successful entrepreneurs, and VC/angel investors.

If you are a dedicated entrepreneur or entrepreneur-to-be, or a sincere support of NACEA efforts, please join us as formal members. We have monthly meetings and network events designed for you to meet and know more similar minded, and expand your business opportunities.

A big thanks to the following:

  • Joe Chin (Keynote speaker)
  • Tony Hu (Event organizer)
  • Joy Chen
  • Lisa Shao
  • Janny
  • Huailing Zhong
  • A San Juan
  • Ping Peng
  • Margaret Chu
  • Yanqiu Jiang
  • Ping Hou
  • Yong Guo
  • May Li

Co-sponsor: NJIT CSSA President He Zhe

Panel members:

  • John Ason, Angel Investor
  • Edward, Venture Capitalist
  • Danny Wen, Co-founder of Harvest
  • Michelle Lam, Venture Capitalist (Bain Capital)
  • Samuel Pigott, COO & Founder, SourcePad

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