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NACEA故事会新 - Entrepreneur Stories


新泽西州的大普林斯顿地区是个天时地利,人杰地 灵的地方,有许多美妙的商业故事发生在这里。借 NACEA这个华人科技企业与创业协会的平台跟大家说一说 ,聊一聊其中的几个故事。

这次先讲三个故事,一个是非常成功的Pharmasset - 没被BMS看上,却被Gilead$11B高价卖去(大制药公司的致命错误),一个是John Crowley(电影“Extraordinory Measures”里的真实世界里的人),最后一个是Lindsay Phillips(“US 1”:从普通人到SwitchFlops的创始人)。这些人,这些事,能给我们 什么样的启示?我们从中学到些什么有价值的东西?生意上的事往往 是仁者见仁,智者见智,是需要根据个人的情况思考策划的。你能“ 看见”和想到的是些什么?让我们会上见,听听你的分享,也给自己 再“加点油”,继续前行!


Who to attend?
Biotech, Chemical, Pharmaceutical entrepreneurs & professionals, business owners, and those who are interested in the above topics, please come and join us for an interative discussion to share and learn business thoughts.

Time: 1:00 pm - 4:30pm, Saturday, Sept 19, 2015
Location: Hill Wallack LLP, 21 Roszel Road, Princeton, New Jersey 08540
Story teller (presenter): Dr. Linrong Yang (杨林榕, Managing Director, MolBridge LLC)
Suggested Donation (to cover drinks, cookies and some other expenses): $5 - $10
Limited to 40-45 attendees. Please register asap to secure your seating.

Presenter Bio

Dr. Linrong Yang, Managing Director, MolBridge LLC (a biotech company located at 5 Independence Way, 3rd Floor, Princeton, NJ 08540, )

Prior to setting up MolBridge LLC in Princeton, New Jersey, Linrong serviced as Head of Cheminformatics and Molecular Drug Design at Roche R&D Center (China), Ltd. With understanding learned from Professor Norman L. Allinger in Molecular Mechanics of Computational Chemistry, Linrong has grasped a couple of key applications in small molecular design which lead to real chemical identities at operation level of chemical discovery in life science industry. MolBridge applies his data mining strategy for the real drug chemical design to bring valuable drug-related pharmaceutical building blocks from China to the West.

MolBridge's Understanding of Pharmaceutical R&D

  • The future drugs: small molecules
  • Bottle neck in small molecular Medicinal Chemistry
  • Many gaps in pharmaceutical Research
  • MolBridge LLC: bridging molecules to pharmaceutical drugs

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