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August 2009 Picnic

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The first NACEA social gathering, a picnic that was held at Duke Island Park in Bridgewater, NJ, certainly seemed to attract its share of bad omens. Not only did we find out too late that several other Chinese organizations were holding their own gatherings on the same day, but tropical storm Danny inundated the area with strong winds and rains before the actual picnic.

Nevertheless, we decided on the morning of the picnic to continue with the event, with the hope that because Tropical Danny was strongest to the east (towards Long Island), that Bridgwater would be mostly spared.

And indeed, although it drizzled the entire morning and early afternoon, and the skies remained dark and cloudy throughout, we lucked out and managed to find a covered pavilion which provided adequate shelter for the more than 50 guests who braved the bad weather.

There was, however, nothing bad about the large amounts of delicious food that were brought to the picnic. In addition to food bought from a nearby chinese restaurant, many of the guests brought their own food, and we actually ended up with 6 large watermelons!

The kids also had an interesting time. Most congregated around a table, where Ronghao Cheng showed them how to play his invention, a Magic Puzzle Box.

By the time the clouds cleared and the sun made a brief appearance late in the afternoon, most of the guests were well-satiated with the good food, and the good talk.

A big thanks goes to Yanqiu Jiang, who masterminded the festivities!


Origin date: April 11, 2007
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