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September 2010 Picnic

Information about the Picnic

Pictures from the Picnic

Wow, what a difference a year makes! The last time NACEA held a picnic, it was raining cats and dogs, and we had to relocate the entire picnic to a covered pavilion.

This year, the weather cooperated and it was a gloriously sunny and cloudless day. Not a drop of rain in sight, and the smell of cooking wafted in the breeze to tempt the 60 or so people who descended on Johnson Park in Piscataway for the second NACEA Picnic.

Yong Guo, Tony Hu, and Willy Lee manned one of the grills, forking out lots of delicious grilled hotdogs, home-marinated chicken wings, and sizzling italian sausages to the waiting platters of the appreciative crowd, while others swooped onto the food-laden tables, which had various noodle dishes, bread, and fruit deserts cut into tiny bite-sized chunks! There was so much food that even after the event, piles of juicy sausages lay waiting on the now-cold grill.

But the main focus of course was on meeting other people and having a jolly good time. So, while the kids grouped together onto one table or run around excitedly on the grass, people conversed in huddled groups on some of the widely-scattered tables, or walked and mingled with others as they savored the delicious food. From beginning until the end, the participants enjoyed heated talks with one another, and by the time the event wound down at around 4 pm, almost everyone knew everyone else, which is unique to NACEA meetings.

Thanks to the presidents and leaders from the organizations below for their participation and support.

  • Bill Zhu, NJCCPS
  • Jimmy Zeng, American Chinese Professional Association
  • Qixiu Chen, Peking University Alumni Greater NY
  • Zhiyu Hu Law Office
  • Xiaoli Pan, Liason to all NY/NJ Chinese Associations

And thanks to Diana Ji, the event leader, who did a lot of the preparation work, and thank you to the following hard-working officers and supporters:

  • Yong Guo
  • Tony Hu
  • Ping Peng
  • Willy Lee
  • Wendy Lan
  • Alan San Juan
  • Huailing Zhong
  • May Li

Notice: Due to the fact that several of NACEA's officers are currently pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities in China, we are in need of new volunteers to work in the Executive Committee and help organize NACEA activities. Our criteria is that you must have some spare time to help in the routine event organizing, and you must be detail-minded and well-organized. Special skills such as news writing and resource development are a plus but are not required. By joining our dynamic team, you will have the chance to develop your networking and leadership skills. Please contact us if you are interested.


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