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NACEA Entrepreneurs Series
Seminar Two: Business Law and Legal Issues for Startup Companies

Information about the Seminar

Pictures from the Seminar

Presentation Slides from the Seminar:

We just had another successful public seminar! Over 50 people came in spite of the fine-for-outing weather (beyond what we had expected).

Thanks to the active involvement of everyone, the seminar rounded up another 3-in meeting: interactive, interesting and inspiring! For those who were not able to attend, we'll put up the slides from two speakers at our website shortly.

As did after last seminar, we are planning a few follow-up subgroup meetings with possible subjects as follows:

  1. Start-up or business owners meet-up. Topics may include: understanding of both US and China market, management and team building experience, business development and marketing, resource utilization, effective and efficient partnership, sales channels, etc. Can invite one or two successful entrepreneur to join us. Should you know anyone who fit for such a role, may recommend. We also welcome anyone who can add value to the meeting.

  2. IT-related projects and Outsourcing subgroup This will be an extended subgroup meeting from the last one. Possible topics include current and future trend in IT and outsourcing, cutting-edge technology, new internet business model, IT-related inter-disciplinary projects, internet marketing, etc. Then, what resources and advantages we have and what we can do? No need to introduce your project if yours is still in non-disclosure stage. Participants will be required to sign NDA before any project is discussed. Can invite some experts in the area. Should you know anyone who know the  industry and can do inspiring analysis, please bring them in.

  3. Pharmaceutical and Medical subgroup. Will be an extended subgroup meeting from the last one. Topics to be announced.

In addition, we have members who are in the import/export and real estate investment business. We are calling on experienced volunteers to host and organize these subgroups (we'll assist you).

  • Import/export/international trading meet-up: Find the right products, know the market needs, build up connections and expand to associated areas. Globle trend in international trade, etc.

  • Real Estate investment subgroup We have quite a few real estate attendees from the last two seminars. Would like to hear your idea about the topics. Submit your suggestions and we'll plan it.

If you are interested in any of the above, please sign up and fill up the form (click on the links above for each subject). We'll email you when we decide on the time and place. The validity of the meeting will depend on how many people we can have on each of the subject. 

Should you have suggestions on other subjects, please let us know. 

Thanks to all.



Origin date: April 11, 2007
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