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NACEA Entrepreneurs Series
Seminar Three: Internet and Guerilla Marketing

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The third NACEA Entrepreneur Seminar ended with a flourish as more than 60 people crammed into the spacious AvTech conference room to listen to our two speakers and two additional panelists.

After the lectures by Mr. Feuer and Mr. Follis, the audience were treated to a Q&A with four panelists, including the two speakers and Mr. Chien and Mr. Deboer. Two case studies from real companies and projects were presented to the panel for their analysis and tips. In spite of our failure in providing a microphone, the audience stayed till the end, trying to interact with the speakers and panelists and participating in the engrossing lecture and discussion. Everyone claimed that he/she had learned a lot and popular terms from the speakers such as "Second Life" and "G-credit" gave us glimpses of a mainstream American life style which is usually neglected by the Chinese community.

A big thanks to the following:

Our Speakers and Panel members:

  • Lowell Feuer
  • John Follis
  • YC Chien
  • Douglas Deboer

Our Distinguished Guests

  • Wuqiang Li, Counselor from NYC consulate
  • Shuoyi Chen, Counsul from NYC consulate.

Our Hosts and Friends:

  • Gary Mao - President, AvTech
  • Yang Lin - AvTech
  • Shawn Shen - Secretary CIE
  • Haiyan Yuan - Secretary, Wuhan Universtiy Alumni
  • Vicki Chen - Asian Women Chamber of Commerce
  • Lewei Shang - Beijing University Alumini

And last, but not the least,

Some of Our Hardworking Volunteer Officers (alphabetical by surname):

  • Tony Hu
  • Diana Ji
  • Yang Li
  • Zheng Li
  • Ping Peng
  • Yue Qin
  • Xuedong Yang
  • Wenyuan Ye


Origin date: April 11, 2007
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