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NACEA Entrepreneurs Series
Seminar Five: Courting the Angels and VCs

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The fifth NACEA Entrepreneur Seminar was an overwhelmingly GREAT success as people completely filled the large AvTech conference room to listen to our three speakers. In fact, the seminar was so popular that registrations had to be suspended the day before because of lack of space.

After the lectures by Mr. Wang, Mr. Ason, and Mr. Furnari, the audience were treated to a Q&A with the three panelists.

Two case studies from real companies and projects were also presented to the panel for their analysis and tips. The two fascinating case studies were from Mr. Bo Yu of DierePharma and Ms. Berylle M. Reynolds of OneCall Wireless LLC.

Feedback from the audience was that the seminar was very professional and informative. Dozens of people joined NACEA as paid members ($30 annual rate). Our membership section will come soon.

A big thanks to the following:

Our Speakers and Panel members:

  • Jonas Wang
  • John Ason
  • Stephen Furnari

Our Host and Co-sponsors:

  • Gary Mao - President, AvTech
  • Andy Lin - President, NJCCPS
  • Mingde Xia - President, SAPA
  • YC Chien - Director, NJCACC

And last, but not the least,

Some of Our Hardworking Volunteer Officers:

  • Ping Peng
  • Tony Hu
  • Diana Ji
  • Yang Li
  • Xuedong Yang
  • Wenyuan Ye
  • Airlan San Juan
  • Yugang Liu


Origin date: April 11, 2007
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