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NACEA Entrepreneurs Series
Seminar: VC, Business Plan Workshop and Presentation

Information about the Seminar

Pictures from the Seminar

Thanks to the efforts of NACEA officers, the support of its members, and contributions from many more, the October 24 Seminar, which patterned itself after the January Seminar earlier this year, was another success! More than 100 people showed up and listened attentively to each of the presentions.

After the presentations, the panel members discussed and critiqued each of the presentations and took questions from the audience, who continued to pack the large auditorium and ask pertinent questions about VCs and entrepreneurship in general. Finally, the presenters were each given gifts.

If you are a dedicated entrepreneur or entrepreneur-to-be, or a sincere support of NACEA efforts, please join us as formal members. We have monthly meetings and network events designed for you to meet and know more similar minded, and expand your business opportunities.

A big thanks to the following:

Joe Chin, Moderator

Panel members:

  • John Ason, Angel Investor
  • Benjamin Sun, Angel Investor
  • Wayne Tamarelli, Angel Investor
  • Matt Bieber Venture Capitalist (Originate Ventures)
  • Sean Cao, Venture Capitalist (New Leaf Venture Partners)
  • Michelle Lam, Venture Capitalist (Bain Capital)


  • Chuyu Xiong
  • May Li
  • Dahai Guo
  • Aaron Price
  • JP Checa
  • Wing Lau
  • Cheryl Sheng
  • Lily Liu

Our Co-sponsors:

  • NJIT incubator
  • SAPA (Sino-American Pharmaceutical Association)
  • NJCCPS (New Jersey Chinese Computer Professional Society)
  • NJIT Chinese Student & Scholars Society.


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