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NACEA Entrepreneurs Series
Seminar Seven: Business Plan Presentation & Pitching

Information about the Seminar

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Jonas Wang's Advice to Chinese Entrepreneurs

Thanks to the efforts of NACEA officers, the support of its members, and contributions from many more, the January 10 seminar was a great success! In spite of the severe snow warning and freezing weather, more than 120 people showed up and listened attentively to each of the presentions, which were unanimously acknowledged as being of superior quality and value by both the panelists and the audience.

After the presentations, the panel members discussed and critiqued each of the presentations and took questions from the audience, who continued to pack the large auditorium and ask pertinent questions about VCs and entrepreneurship in general. Finally, the presenters were each given gifts by NACEA, including a portable multimedia device from Tony Hu and ingenious ear alarm systems by Jason Yu.

As we are just start-ups and most are still in the first step, we still have a long way to go and will meet many challenges as well as excitement ahead. NACEA will try its best to be with you, but we certainly need support from you, in order to sustain and provide you with better opportunities in the future. A membership is the least you can do to show your commitment and support. It will turn out to be a support to your own efforts, as you may understand. Every here needs a boost or push from time to time to keep moving forward.

We would like to exend special thanks to NACEA volunteer officers for their selfless contributions to the Chinese community. They have spent a lot of time to make each of NACEA events a success, and they make sure each is of high quality and standards. While working in a team and for the benefit of common wealth, these officers have grown into true entrepreneurs, with more resources and capability, and friendship as well. It is indeed a rewarding experience and we hope more people with good organization skills can join us.

If you are a dedicated entrepreneur or entrepreneur-to-be, or a sincere support of NACEA efforts, please join us as formal members. We have monthly meetings and network events designed for you to meet and know more similar minded, and expand your business opportunities.

A big thanks to the following:

Panel members:

  • Jonas Wang
  • Shangqi Wang
  • William Uchimoto
  • John Ason
  • Daniel Lou
  • Donald Chen


  • Ping Hou
  • Zhengming Chen
  • Jianhua Yan
  • Jun Shan
  • Emily Garnnet

Our Co-sponsors:

  • SAPA (Sino-American Pharmaceutical Association)
  • NJCCPS (New Jersey Chinese Computer Professional Society)
  • NJIT Chinese Student & Scholars Society.

Special thanks to NJIT CSSA's:

  • Yanliang Qi, Presidend of NJIT CSSA
  • Yan Ji, VP of NJIT CSSA

Gift Donors:

And last, but not the least,

Some of Our Hardworking Volunteer Officers:

  • Tony Hu
  • Yong Guo
  • Wenyuan Ye
  • Lianghua Zhou
  • Diana Ji
  • Ping Peng
  • Bing Zhang
  • Ou Xu
  • a. san juan
  • may li
  • Yang Li


Origin date: April 11, 2007
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